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Homeless Shelter and Helping Hands.

Mission: The mission of Veteran's Helping Hand is to provide immediate aid to homeless Veterans and any Veteran that needs assistance. Veteran's Helping Hand was created by Sandy Walker, a Vietnam Veteran who did not want any of his fellow Veterans to feel isolated or unwelcome after coming home for war. Sandy's dream was to open a community center for Veterans that would not only provide emergency shelter, but would also provide immediate help with basic supplies such as food, clothing, and transportation. Some of you may have heard of his work over the years, where he dedicated his life to serving the homeless and needy of York* City and York County. Sandy was able to help meet the needs of a countless numbers of Veterans. Unfortunately, his service in Vietnam lead to severe health issues and Sandy lost his final battle on March 14, 2015. Sandy was in the beginning stages of creating the first homeless center for Veterans in York County. After his death, members of the York County community worked hard in Sandy's honor and in October of 2015 Mr. Sandy's Homeless Veterans Center became a reality! The beginning stages in renovating Mr. Sandy's Homeless Veteran's Center were rough, especially when it came to trying to get the roof complete. Initial roof renovations were improperly done, which stopped progress for overall construction. Needless to say, we needed a lot of help. Not only did Richard's company step in and fix all of the improper work that was previously done, Richard was able to complete the job in a limited frame of time. Without Richard's help, Mr. Sandy's Homeless Veterans Center would not have been opened on schedule. The perfect mix of professionalism, understanding, and generosity is what we experienced. We thank Richard and his team for their dedication to our Veterans.

Sandie W.
Mr. Richard Jackson, I would like to express my gratitude to Richard Jackson Seamless Spouting Co. Mr. Sandy's
Veteran center on West King Street in York was faced with significant roofing challenges and Rick came in and fixed the issues. Because his crew is extremely professional and has all the experience necessary they were able to fix our flat rubber roof very quickly. I should mention we had over a dozen leaks. Also once the Veterans Center was completed he took on the Veterans Thrift Shop on Pershing Ave. which required replacing all the trusses, wood, and new rubber roof.
Mr. Jackson is the number one roofing leader in the community. He sets the standard for all others to follow and I would recommend his company for any roofing needs. Not only does Rick do a great job but he cares about all his customers and especially the veterans in our community.

John O.
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